End of May posts

Hey all! There is A LOT going on right now so I wanted to keep this short and sweet. I am sharing a few of my recent posts for the month of May. I can’t believe it is almost June. Hopefully better things are in store.



Wall art

Chanel Oberlin’s room from Scream Queens is ultimate #bedroomgoals.

Okay so I have to admit I was never one to appreciate art but lately I have been looking to acquire some for my room. I have mentioned before that I am not exactly the best when it comes to decorating my home but I have been wanting to do a complete room makeover! I have been eyeing several pieces of wall art because I really want to give my room a whole new look.

It can be super difficult to decorate because of how often I move but I love my bedroom set and I really want to make my room look more elegant. I figured I would start off with wall art to set the mood and then create a whole concept around that! I thought I would share with you all some of the pieces I found. (Some of them are a bit on the pricey side but art is always a good investment!)

  1. Red and blonde wall art

2. Come away wall art

3. Floralia canvas wall art

4. ORD luggage tag wall art

5. Eiffel tower pastel wall art

These pieces are definitely on my wish list! If you have any decorating tips or know of any great wall art please feel free to let me know!



Home decor wish list

Hi! As you may remember I recently moved from Oak Park to Northville, Michigan and I am in the process of re-decorating my apartment. I have to admit decorating has not always been one of my strong suits but I have been super inspired lately. ❤️

In one of my recent posts, I gave a little sneak peak of my room but it is far from done. I decided to create a wish list with some of the items I would love for my room. Who knows, maybe it will inspire you to redecorate your space and make it even more homey. (PS. I also love looking at pinterest for inspiration too!)

My room: (you can get my bedroom set here PLUS it’s on sale!)

Wish list:

Kate Spade pillow

Kate Spade frame

Nordstrom metallic vase

Oliver Gal wall art