Bath and Body works fall soaps

If there’s one thing I love it’s a good theme-which is why I absolutely love all seasons and all holidays. Fall is such a great time because of the crisp weather and all of the changing leaves and I wanted to make sure I incorporated that into my home. These soaps from Bath and Body works are my personal favorites this season! I absolutely love how they always have really fun scents and themes for each season/holiday. The vampire blood is perfect for Halloween and the marshmallow pumpkin latte is great for all of fall.

I absolutely love the scents and of course the packaging. I am a sucker for cute packaging! I love how it brings a bit of fall cheer into my bathroom! Each soap is only $6.50 but they have a special right now where you can get 5 for $23! There are so many different scents to choose from and most of the scents are offered in other items such as candles, lotions, etc. I can’t wait to check out their Thanksgiving and Christmas scents!



My fall lip color

Happy Saturday! In the lipstick world there are so many different colors and formulas and along with that come claims of being the best or most flattering. That was all talk, until now. Maybelline just introduced their newest lipstick: made for all by color sensational lipstick and it is truly amazing. They did over 200 trials and tested out so many different lipstick shades to create colors that would be flattering on everyone and they nailed it. It actually just won one of the Allure best of beauty awards and so naturally I scooped it up to try it and was not disappointed.

The formula is super creamy and the color is gorgeous! In these pictures I am wearing shade #376 Pink for me and I am obsessed. It is a beautiful pink that is the perfect neutral and will pair really well with all of the fall colors I’ll be wearing. The best part of it all is that these lipsticks are only $8! Plus they come in several shades like spice for me, mauve for me, etc. This lipstick is truly a game changer and it is definitely a must have in your makeup bag! What color are you thinking of trying?



Six month anniversary

I can’t believe that it has already been six months since I first started Channeling Chanel. I am so extremely thankful for each and every one of you who has followed along on this journey with me. From changing jobs to moving to a new state-this has been a whirlwind year for me. I have absolutely loved sharing my life with all of you and creating content that I hope inspires you! In honor of my six month anniversary, I just wanted to take a look back at six of my favorite posts/looks:

-LBD & Chill

Fancy florals

-Before I turn 29

-Horsing around

-Nailed it

-Cute and comfortable

If there are specific topics or things that you would like me to write about please let me know. Whether you have followed me from the very beginning or are just starting to follow along now-I sincerely appreciate you. Thank you so much for six amazing months and here’s to many more!



Kylie cosmetics primer review

Hey everyone! As you may remember I recently reviewed some of the products from Kylie’s new skincare line. (Read about it here.) I really enjoyed Kylie’s skincare products and I am a fan of her lip colors so when she introduced a primer I decided to try it out! Primer has never really been a part of my makeup routine but since I have liked all of the other Kylie products I’ve tried, I was ready to add in an extra step.

First off, the primer is oil free! My skin is pretty dry so sometimes I like a product that can have an oil-base but with a primer I think that would make me feel greasy. I’ve only used the primer a few times so far but it has definitely helped my makeup go on smoother. It has also given my skin a bit of a glow. I recently used the primer without even putting on any other makeup besides eye makeup and I felt like it really helped my complexion. If you are someone who consistently uses primer in your makeup routine then I would definitely recommend trying this one. I am looking forward to seeing even better results in the future combined with my other Kylie skin products. Have you tried it yet? If so, let me know what you think!



Whitening sensitive teeth at home

Hey guys, I love putting outfits together so much but sometimes the best accessory is a bright smile! I have used Crest whitestrips in the past and they have always done a great job but sometimes I felt that afterwards your teeth didn’t remain white for long. When I heard about Smile Brilliant I knew I had to give it a chance!

Smile Brilliant is different from traditional whiteners because it is custom made for you. How amazing is that?! It is also such an easy process. First you order your kit online and once your kit arrives in the mail you get to make your impressions. You are provided with pastes which you roll into a ball and use to make your impressions. (Side note: I had SO much fun doing this. It was like playing with play-doh.) You then send your impressions back and the lab custom creates your very own whitening trays! The whole process is actually pretty quick when you think about how much work goes into it.

Once the trays arrive, you use the syringe of whitening gel provided to you and fill your trays. You only need to use 1/3-1/4 of a syringe per session. Just a friendly tip: do not use too much of the gel because it can definitely cause you to drool a bit lol. It is recommended to whiten your teeth daily or every other day from anywhere between 45 minutes-3 hours. I know that sometimes whitening kits can cause sensitivity but I honestly did not have any problems with Smile brilliant and believe me I do have pretty sensitive teeth. You are also provided with a desensitizing gel to use after you have used the whitener.

Okay so now that you know all about how to use the kit-I want to share with all of you what I thought. I loved it! I found the process so fun and because everything was custom made for me it made me feel so special. Plus, it really works! I noticed my results right away even after my first use. I’ve been looking for something to really dig deep and remove my surface stains (I am a coffee and pop addict) and I had such great luck with Smile brilliant. The trays/gels are also good for up to 1 year if stored at room temperature or 2 if refrigerated. 10/10 I would recommend using this if you are looking to whiten your teeth and work on your smile.

Here’s the best part: I am going to be giving away one Smile Brilliant kit (valued at $149) to one lucky reader! All you have to do is enter the giveaway. Click on this link here and fill out your info to enter! If you are not interested in entering or just cannot wait to get your own kit just make sure to use my code (channelingchanel15) for 15% off your order. I hope you all enjoyed learning about my new favorite whitening kit and I really think you should all try it out for yourself! Remember-a bright smile is truly the best accessory you can have. Smile fearlessly!

*This post has been sponsored by Smile Brilliant. All opinions and considerations are my own.



2019 birthday list


A little throwback from my bday last year!

Hey guys! So my birthday is in a little less than a month and I’ve been trying to put together a list of some of the things I want and I’m TERRIBLE at it. I am that person who doesn’t know what I want when someone asks but any other time during the year I have a running list. So far I have been able to make a list of a few items that I want but I’m really trying to wrack my brain for more and coming up kind of empty.

Here is my short but sweet list: (take notes Mom!)

1. “A” letter belt

2. Customized phone case

3. Kylie cosmetics face primer

I can’t believe I’m almost 29! It’s seriously so crazy how fast time flies. Hope everyone has a great week!



Blonde hair care

Hey everyone! So I just got my hair highlighted yesterday and I’m so happy with the results. I always feel 10x better about my appearance after I’ve had my hair done! I just wanted to take a moment to share a bit about how I keep my blonde hair bright and beautiful.

I use Garnier whole blends color care shampoo and conditioner. When you have colored hair it is super important to use a specific shampoo and conditioner for color treated hair. I prefer to use Garnier whole blends because it is free of parabens, it smells amazing, and ensures that your color stays radiant for longer. This specific line includes Argan oil which is super nourishing and moisturizing. It also helps my hair to stay healthy and strong! The price point on these products is great as well so you don’t have to break the bank. I recommend getting your highlights touched up every 4-6 weeks depending on your natural hair color. I hope you all have a great rest of your weekend! (I am currently sitting in urgent care waiting to see whether or not I have the flu, ugh! 🤒)



National lipstick day 2019

Hey guys! In honor of today being national lipstick day, I wanted to share one of my favorite neutral lip colors! It is the Kylie cosmetics liquid lipstick in Candy K. I had heard about Kylie Jenner’s super popular makeup brand for awhile and being the makeup lover that I am I decided to try it and I love it!

The liquid lipstick is so great because it is super long lasting and I love the color. It can be a bit drying so I would caution you to make sure your lips are either exfoliated or moisturized before applying. The liquid lipsticks come in several other colors and I actually have the mini lipstick set which also includes the color charm.

In honor of national lipstick day ulta is offering several brands up to 50% off and free gifts. is also offering 2 for $20 lip singles so if you are interested in trying out my lip color or any other color now would be the time to grab it! Do you have any favorite lipstick colors? Let me know! I hope you all have a fabulous Monday/national lipstick day.



Nailed it

Lip color in ruby shock

Similar top


Hey guys! So I have finally arrived in Minnesota and in between unpacking, I decided to explore and get my nails done. (Picture that scene in legally blonde where Elle drives around and almost causes an accident in pursuit of a nail salon!) Do you ever get a manicure and you are sooooo in love with the color that you just can’t stop staring at it and want to tell everyone about it? Yeah? Me too! Keep reading!

This color is called Kyoto pearl by OPI and it is seriously stunning! It is a gorgeous pearly white color that has some shimmer to it. I feel so elegant with this nail color and am just so totally obsessed with the shine. It is such a great summer color that may seem a bit basic but it is anything but. If you are in search of a nice neutral nail color then trust me you want to try this one! I am still in the middle of trying to get settled here but so far I am really enjoying the Minneapolis area. I hope you are all having a great Wednesday!



The body cream you need

Happy Thursday! Only one more day until the weekend! So Bath and body works recently released some new hydrating body creams with hyaluronic acid and I am obsessed. I have super dry skin and this body cream really helps to keep my skin super hydrated all day. The best part about this cream is it does not leave behind that greasy feeling after application and it’s fast absorbing.

I find it best to apply the body cream after I get out of the shower because it locks in the moisture so much better. I have the Cactus water scent which has notes of dewy cactus, sparkling bergamot and white tea. It does also come in two other scents as well. The cream is super affordable (only $15.50!) and you can also complete the collection with their new hydrating body washes. Thanks for reading!!