Slowing down

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you are all doing well and staying healthy! I know the quarantine has been a tough time for all of us but I also hope that it has taught us all some lessons. I know it definitely has for me and one of the lessons I’ve learned is: to slow down. I think we all can relate to being go, go, go most of the time and it causes us a lot of stress and can lead to us not being able to live in the moment. Social media can definitely make it harder on us and can also make us compare ourselves to others in many ways. I will admit that I compare myself to others daily, especially on social media. The important thing to remember is: no one is posting their failures for everyone to see!

We all grow and accomplish things at different rates and that’s okay! Olivia Rink (one of my favorite bloggers) just wrote on one of her Instagram posts: “The opposite of busy is not lazy”, and that really stuck with me. I believe that sometimes we all have a tendency to think if I am not currently being productive or working on something 24/7 that it translates to being lazy. The truth is there is nothing wrong with that! You are allowed to be unproductive and that still doesn’t make you lazy! You are allowed to take time off from working, you are allowed to take time to yourself, you are allowed to take social media breaks. We are all human and we are not meant to be working every second of every day. I am sure this virus has shown us some of that and as heartbreaking as this has all been I hope it teaches us to stop and appreciate our lives a bit more. We should be happy if we take things slower or don’t work at the same rate as others. It’s okay and it’s healthy! Sometimes you need to just sit on your couch in your pajamas and netflix and chill for the day. That doesn’t make you lazy, it makes you real! Thank you all for reading!!!



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