Living colorfully

(Shirt) (Leggings) (Shoes)

Hi guys! I hope you all are doing well and staying safe. I know that everything going on right now is super scary but the great thing about social media is that it keeps us all connected even during times of crisis. Everything is far from normal right now and sometimes it can be hard to feel comfortable at a time like this but I’ve found comfort in the simplest things. For example, I did my hair for the first time in almost two weeks.

I know it’s super silly but focusing on something so small that was a part of my normal routine gave me some comfort as well as hope that things would be back to normal soon. I hope you all stay safe and sane during this time. P.S. I would like to shout out all of those unsung heroes who are helping out at a time like this: the nurses/doctors, truck drivers, grocery store workers, cleaning crews, distribution center employees, etc. Thank you so much for being committed to helping others in such an uncertain time.



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