Staying in? How to deal

(Pajama romper)

Hey everyone! Since we all will be staying in for these next few weeks, I wanted to compile a list of some things to do! Staying in is definitely relaxing but sometimes it can become mundane so I’ve decided to share some fun ideas for anyone who is spending their days indoors!

1. Netflix and chill (or Hulu!)- If you’re watching netflix here are some suggestions: The Office, Parks and rec, Love is blind, A cinderella story, To all the boys p.s. I still love you. If you’re watching Hulu: How I met your mother, Big time adolescence, Isn’t it romantic, Alone together, The murder of Laci Peterson and my new favorite: Little fires everywhere.

2. Read a book-Some of my favorites are: The girl on the train, Gossip girl, Sharp objects, The woman in cabin 10.

3. Cook new recipes or in my case actually learn how to cook! (Pinterest has lots of great recipes!)

4. Call and catch up with friends and family. Call your grandparents or your best friend or someone you haven’t talked to in a while and just talk to them on the phone. We shouldn’t limit our communication to just texting!

5. Online shopping! Now is the perfect time to not feel guilty about laying in bed and online shopping. (P.S. Nordstrom is offering 25% off on almost everything right now!!) You can also shop my looks via (I do earn commissions when you purchase items through my links so thank you so much to those who have purchased something!)

6. Write down your thoughts. What we are dealing with right now is unprecedented and pretty stressful. A great way to express your feelings is to write them down. It can be super cathartic! Whether that means writing them in a journal, typing them in your notes app, or some other form. It can really help ease your anxiety and also help out with your creative side!

7. Self care! Meditation, exercise, adopting healthy eating habits, amping up your skincare routine, etc. Use the time you have now to really focus on improving yourself.

8. Spring cleaning. Take the chance to clean out your closet or junk drawer and get rid of items you don’t really need or no longer use. You can always sell these items (I love using Poshmark) or donate them to those in need.

9. Get some fresh air! Go for a walk around the neighborhood and clear your head. Bonus: bring your dog! (Keep in mind the social distancing etiquette-6 feet away from others and no groups of 10 people or more.)

I hope this list helps anyone who may feel stuck wondering what to do at a time like this. If you have any other suggestions feel free to let me know. Remember we’re all in this together and we will get through it!



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