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Happy Saturday! The most asked question I get is: why/how I started blogging. Since my blog is nearing its one year anniversary I decided to take the time to write a bit about why I got into blogging. It’s a pretty lengthy post but it really dives all the way into my blogging career. Okay first of all, I am a super indecisive and impulsive person. I was never really the type of kid growing up who always knew what they wanted to do. I changed my mind ALL the time.

I always enjoyed playing sports. I played soccer my entire life and then was a cheerleader as well throughout high school. Since I always loved sports (playing them and watching) I decided I wanted to have a career in sports. I was super inspired after I read an article in Cosmo about a woman who had a career in the NFL. My freshman year of college I attended the University of Tampa and majored in sports management. I dreamed of being an event operations coordinator for an NFL team. I even was able to spend a day working with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and got to be on the field and behind the scenes during a game. It was AMAZING!

However, even though I liked my major and my school, I wasn’t super happy there and ended up transferring to the University of Kentucky my sophomore year. Sports management wasn’t available as a major there so I switched to business. I was still planning on a career in sports but I was not doing super well in my business classes and often found them boring. I was really not keen on keeping my major in business and at that point was halfway through college without an idea of what to do anymore. I took a bunch of tests to find out my ideal career and it was revealed that I would be best suited as a florist or in retail. At that point I had no interest in being a florist and I had never really done anything in retail but I thought it could potentially be fun. The summer before junior year I got a job in retail to try it out.

I really enjoyed working in retail (I worked at Macy’s) and junior year I switched my major to merchandising, apparel and textiles, which is what my degree is in! I absolutely loved the classes because they were very tailored to fashion and I was considering a career as a celebrity personal stylist. Upon graduating, I needed an internship to get my foot into the workforce and one of the places that was known for being the best in fashion and service was Nordstrom. I applied to Nordstrom stores all across the country as well as several other companies (including a personal styling company in LA) and ultimately was selected as an intern at the Nordstrom store in Hawaii.

About a few weeks after graduation I moved out to Hawaii to start my internship with Nordstrom in the TBD department and instantly fell in love. The internship was a fast track into retail management and after graduating from the program I stayed in Hawaii for about a year and continued to work there. I eventually moved back home to Chicagoland afterwards where I got my first Assistant manager job at the Nordstrom rack in Schaumburg, IL. Fast forward to several years later and several states/stores later and I had built quite an impressive management resume throughout Nordstrom.

However, the company was going through a change and eliminated several positions and one of those positions that was eliminated was mine. I was heartbroken and considered leaving the company. During this time I was the Women’s/Kids Department manager at Nordstrom rack in Charlotte, NC but I decided to move to Michigan and start over with the company as a salesperson and work my way back up. At this point in time blogging/influencing had really blown up (I was a huge follower of Olivia Rink and Hello Fashion blog) and I had always thought about starting my own blog. I even attempted starting one but never really followed through with it.

After working my way back up into management at Nordstrom, my position was eliminated AGAIN. At this point I felt I needed a break, and decided to take a month off of work to finally start a blog. I was so inspired by all of these amazing bloggers and I really wanted to share my life and my style with people. I spent time at home with family and worked on it. I bought a website domain, did photoshoots, edited and wrote posts. I finally launched my blog on March 21, 2019! I knew that while blogging I would still need a job so in April I went back to Michigan and moved in with one of my friends. I got a job as a sales supervisor at Bath and body works while still focusing on my blog.

In July of that year, my roommate got a job in Minnesota and asked if I would like to move with her. Since I was used to moving about once a year I agreed. (I’ve lived in 8 states!) Throughout 2019, I worked at three different companies in retail. I had lots of ups and downs with blogging and at one point I had thought about quitting but I kept at it. I would set goals for myself and eventually achieve them and then set more goals. I am still learning more about blogging each day but I love how it is still an uncharted career path.

As I am writing this, my current jobs are: blogger and Assistant Manager at Nordstrom in MOA. It is so crazy to see how much has changed in these past years but how it ultimately has circled back to a career in Nordstrom. I have always been passionate about Nordstrom as well as blogging and I feel like I am finally able to have a successful career in both areas of my life. If you have made it this far thank you SO much for reading. I apologize for the length of this post but your support means the world to me! I hope that this encourages you all to follow your dreams and helps you to realize that what is meant to be, will be.



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