Madison braids

(Braid) (Leggings)

Hi guys! A few months ago I was asked to try out a popular hair braid from the brand, Madison Braids. I checked out their page and saw that several of my favorite bloggers had worn their braids and saw how gorgeous their pieces were so I said yes right away! I honestly have to say that I am obsessed with my Lulu two strand braid! It is soooo pretty and so easy to use.

I have never been good at doing hair and this braid is a game-changer for me. It is the perfect hair accessory to instantly make any look more sophisticated. Not only is it pretty and easy to style but it is super affordable. The braid I’m wearing is only $35 and they are even offering a winter sale right now on their website. I am really looking forward to wearing this braid whenever I want my hairstyle to look more put together. It will definitely do the trick and people will think that I am actually good at styling my own hair. Win-win!

*This post was sponsored by Madison braids. All opinions and considerations are my own.*



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