Hey babes! Are you sick of shopping for underwear and not being able to find the size or color you want? Me too-which is why I am so excited that I was able to partner with Bootaybag! They are a monthly subscription service that sends you the cutest (and seriously the comfiest) underwear! I am so obsessed with mine. The colors are just so pretty! FYI-I would say they fit true to size. I ordered a size small and they fit perfectly!

For $13 a month you get the best undies sent right to your door-just choose your size and style preference! Bootaybag is seriously such an amazing brand and really focuses on empowering women and promoting body positivity! If that’s not amazing enough, they even donate and partner with the Undies project and period kits. If Bootaybag is something you are interested in just head on over to their site and sign up. They are currently sold out at the moment (kind of makes you want it more right?) but once you become a member you will be put on a waitlist and notified when they’re back in stock! You’ll even receive an exclusive discount for signing up. Trust me they are totally worth it!

*Thank you to Bootaybag for sponsoring this post. All opinions and considerations are my own.*



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