Urban inspiration

(Earrings) (Top) (Belt bag) (Jeans) (Booties)

Hi all! I hope your weekend is off to a great start. The weather has not been the best here lately (super cold and lots of snow) but that’s what you get when you live in Minnesota! Recently I have been trying some new things with my look and giving a bit more attitude in my photoshoots than the traditional smiles. Have you noticed?

One of my absolute favorite things about fashion and doing what I do is the ability to express oneself. I think it is so cool to express yourself through your look and basically tell the world how you’re feeling, who you are, etc. Someone may see the same top that I have on and style it completely different than I would and that is what makes fashion so fun and unique. I feel like my style is always evolving and sometimes I draw inspiration from some of my favorite bloggers: Olivia Rink, (Danielle Bernstein) of We wore what, and (Christine Andrew) of Hello fashion blog are my all time favorites. They each have such fun styles and they definitely inspire me.

I have been really working on not comparing myself to others lately and while I love their style and admire their success, I always want to make sure that I am being authentic and that I keep my style true to myself. I hope that I inspire each and every one of you in some way and if you ever purchase anything or try to emulate my look: make sure to make it your own because you are unique. Be unique, be YOU!



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