2020 goals

Hey guys! Only 12 more days until the start of 2020 aka an entirely new decade. That is so crazy! This year has been a particularly tough year for me but I still have had some positive experiences as well. I know it is so cliche to make resolutions or talk about things you want to focus on in the new year but I’ve always felt that writing it down holds me more accountable. Here are some of the things I plan on working on in the new year:

1. Focusing on myself. I tend to put myself last and it often translates to me worrying about everyone else instead of myself. I always focus on my flaws or whether or not I’m with someone and it often leaves me with a feeling of unhappiness. I really want to focus on making myself a priority and becoming my best self.

2. Working on my physical/mental health. I’ve talked so much about working on being healthier and I haven’t made too many strides. I really want to make sure I am healthy on the inside and outside. I want to focus on getting into an exercise routine, eating healthier but also focusing on making sure my mental health is in check as well. Mental health is often neglected and I do suffer from depression/anxiety so I want to make sure that I am properly taking care of myself.

3. Travel more! I move quite often-about once a year which I suppose could could count as traveling but I really want to truly take the time to explore. Ideally, I would like to travel somewhere new once a month or every other month. I am thinking about going somewhere soon that I’ve never been like Costa Rica but I’m open to traveling almost anywhere!

4. Focus on building my blog/brand. It’s not that I haven’t been doing this but I want to do a better job of managing my time. It can be super difficult with already working another job but I am so passionate about it and I really want to focus on making it more of a priority. In the very beginning I used to kind of just go with the flow-I never really planned things out and would do it all in the spur of the moment. Lately, I’ve been writing a schedule for posts, doing multiple shoots during the day, and planning out blog concepts. It has helped tremendously and given me a better handle on my business. In this new year I am really planning on buckling down and treating my blog as not just a passion but as a career.

Thank you to everyone who has been following along. Do you all have any resolutions for the new year?