Nightfood ice cream

Okay be honest, do you ever suddenly get extremely hungry right before bed and crave something sweet? (I am a huge late night snacker!) If this sounds like you keep on reading for my newest obsession: Nightfood ice cream! I have to admit that sometimes all I want before I go to sleep is a snack but I hate the guilt you feel after you indulge and that’s why Nightfood is perfect: it’s guilt free! Nightfood has been formulated by sleep experts to be sleep-friendly and a healthier nighttime snack, aka no guilt!

Nightfood ice cream has less sugar, less fat and less calories while also offering more protein! It comes in eight flavors to choose from such as full moon vanilla, midnight chocolate, after dinner mint chip and my personal favorite: milk and cookie dough. It is super creamy and delicious and every pint is 400 calories or less. For all of the ice cream lovers out there trust me you’re going to want to try this! If you’re interested in trying out some guilt-free bedtime ice cream check out your local Meijer, Lowe’s foods or Woodman’s Markets to pick up some delicious nighfood. For those of you in the Minneapolis area like me just head on over to Tim & Tom’s speedy market! Sleep well and without guilt from now on after enjoying your new fave ice cream! PS: head on over to their site and get a buy 1, get 1 free code!

*Thank you to Nightfood for sponsoring this post. All opinions and considerations are my own.*



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