Feeling blue

(Lip color) (Earrings-50% off!) (Dress-30% off!) (Tights-33% off!) (Similar shoes)

It’s pretty safe to say that most people love the holidays, myself included. Everyone tends to be in a cheery mood and they want to help out one another. It truly is such a great time! The other thing I just love about the holidays? Dressing up in really festive and fun looks! Bring on all the velvet, sparkles and party dresses! I’ve always looked forward to dressing up because it really ties the holiday season together. I’m sure you’ve seen the meme: does everyone have their Thanksgiving outfits to wear to their living rooms yet? LOL.

Even though it may seem silly-dressing up can definitely help get you in the holiday spirit. If that doesn’t do it then I bet the low prices for black Friday will definitely lighten the mood. Most of what I’m wearing is marked down for black Friday sales. Eek!! It really is the most wonderful time of the year. I hope you all have an amazing Thanksgiving holiday with your families! I am truly thankful for each and every one of you this holiday season.



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