Zebra print

Hey guys so I just got back from a mini work trip to Madison, Wisconsin and I could not wait to share this outfit with you. It is probably one of my favorites so far! I love animal print (as is evidenced from my several animal print looks) and the skirt is so pretty. It’s a little difficult to tell in the photo but it’s actually pretty sparkly! I really enjoy traveling but I am so worn out from the drive right now. 4.25 hours doesn’t sound so bad until you have to drive it early in the AM or right after work!

My look:

(Lip color) (Earrings) (Sweater) (Skirt) (Bag) (Similar shoes)

Where I stayed:

Madison Mariott west-I really enjoyed the hotel! They recently renovated so a lot of the interior is new and very clean. It is super spacious and the staff was very friendly. I would definitely recommend staying there if you’re in the Madison area because it is also pretty centrally located.



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