Puffy coat season

(Lipgloss) (Jeans) (Boots)

Hey guys, now that it is November it is officially the start of puffy coat season. If you live somewhere cold like me (Minnesota) a good winter coat is 100% necessary. I have been thinking about buying a Canada goose coat for a little while now and since we are known for having pretty brutal winters here I decided to finally splurge on one! I considered getting one of the really big puffy parkas but they just look so huge on me and I wasn’t ready for that big of a splurge just yet.

I settled on the Canada goose camp down hooded water resistant jacket. It has 750-fil power down insulation so it will still keep me warm plus I am obsessed with the elderberry color. (It also comes in three other colors!) I have been wearing it everyday lately because it has been in the 20’s/30’s and I am pretty happy with my choice! I know that a Canada goose coat is quite a splurge so if you’re not ready to shell out the money for one here is another more affordable option that I love. I hope you all stay warm!



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