Kicking sugary drinks

Okay so I have been talking about how I want to be healthier A LOT lately but I haven’t really been following through. I decided I would start out by taking baby steps as far as my diet is concerned and that means giving up pop! I am the type of person who was pretty much addicted to pop-I mean like two Dr. Peppers a day kind of addicted. I know, gross right? Not to mention SUPER unhealthy. The amount of sugar in a bottle of pop is alarming.

However, as I am writing this I have gone five days without consuming any pop! I know that isn’t a long time but you have to start somewhere. My longest streak is 21 days but I am really trying to completely give it up for good. In order to be successful giving it up I wanted to be able to substitute it with something else and I found the perfect drink: sparkling ice! I am obsessed with these drinks. They have zero sugar and they contain vitamins and antioxidants. Sparkling ice also comes in several flavors so there is definitely plenty for everyone to love. My favorite is strawberry watermelon. Hopefully this will kickstart the rest of my health journey! Have you tried sparkling ice? If so, which is your favorite flavor?



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