Sweater weather

Hey everyone! So it’s not officially fall yet but it is starting to feel like sweater weather (sort of)! This outfit is pretty simple but perfect for those end of summer/beginning of fall days. I got this sweater from one of my favorite places-Target! It is less than $25 and it is super cozy but still lightweight enough to be worn during the end of summer weather. I got this necklace (which can also be made into a wrap bracelet) from Evereve. I just happened to go in the other day because I wanted to check it out and wow they have super cute stuff! I will definitely be adding it to my lists of stores that I like to shop at.

These jeans are obviously a staple in my wardrobe as well as my Bp lula heels. I am definitely the type of person that finds something they like and then wears it over and over. Can’t you tell? Despite the fact that I am feeling bittersweet about summer ending soon, I am really looking forward to the leaves changing! What are your favorite parts of fall?



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