Jeans Similar shoes

Okay so funny story about this look. I decided since I moved to a new state that I was ready to get back into dating, I mean why not right? So I re-downloaded bumble for the 53rd time and matched with this super cute guy and we scheduled our first date. I was so excited that I went shopping and bought this bodysuit and necklace. The day before our date we were talking about meeting up and he said “Okay as soon as you’re off of work I’ll head to your place.” Uh yeah no….so of course I suggested we go to some restaurant in between us and he was not even remotely interested. Alright creeper.

Of course the date never happened but I am so glad I realized that he was not worth it before even wasting my time. The positive spin on this is that I was able to get a cute outfit out of all this! I am not ready to give up dating but I am definitely hesitant about bumble. I am considering trying out some other apps or possibly leaving it up to fate and meeting someone the old fashioned way. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see! Do you have any dating horror stories?



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