Clear the shelters

Hey guys! As I am writing this post I am tearing up because it is definitely something near and dear to my heart. Tomorrow on Saturday, August 17, there will be be several shelters nationwide participating in “Clear the shelters.” Rescuing animals from the shelter is such a huge deal to me because the thought of an animal feeling unwanted and unloved (or even worse being put down) just breaks my heart. According to the ASPCA, “Every year 6.5 million animals end up in the shelter but only 3.2 million are actually adopted.” During clear the shelters, pet adoption fees are either reduced or waived.

I adopted puppy (my cat, Chanel) from a shelter in Virginia and she is the love of my life. I have no idea what I would do without her! The saddest part? When I first went to the shelter I didn’t have any of my apartment paperwork which is required for adoption but I only planned on looking so I figured it would be fine. I saw her and instantly fell in love but there was nothing I could do without the paperwork and I was so worried that she would be taken by the time I got back. I asked the shelter about her and they told me that my chances were pretty good because no one had ever asked about her. *Cue giant tears*

The silver lining was that even though she had not been the most sought after animal in the shelter, I was later able to bring her home with me and give her all the love in the world. (Fun fact: I may have talked about this before but the name of my blog, Channeling Chanel, is inspired by her. I originally used it to create an Instagram blog for her!

For more info on clear the shelters check out this link! Please adopt, don’t shop!


Amanda & puppy

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