Nailed it

Lip color in ruby shock

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Hey guys! So I have finally arrived in Minnesota and in between unpacking, I decided to explore and get my nails done. (Picture that scene in legally blonde where Elle drives around and almost causes an accident in pursuit of a nail salon!) Do you ever get a manicure and you are sooooo in love with the color that you just can’t stop staring at it and want to tell everyone about it? Yeah? Me too! Keep reading!

This color is called Kyoto pearl by OPI and it is seriously stunning! It is a gorgeous pearly white color that has some shimmer to it. I feel so elegant with this nail color and am just so totally obsessed with the shine. It is such a great summer color that may seem a bit basic but it is anything but. If you are in search of a nice neutral nail color then trust me you want to try this one! I am still in the middle of trying to get settled here but so far I am really enjoying the Minneapolis area. I hope you are all having a great Wednesday!



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