Horsing around

I know I probably say this a lot but this was my FAVORITE shoot ever. Horses are my favorite animal and being back in Kentucky I just knew I had to get at least one picture with some horses. My old college roomie and I drove around the farms in Lexington and spotted some horses and other pretty amazing scenery. It was so gorgeous and the horses were so majestic. We were able to capture some pretty great moments on the farm as you can see. After we drove around the farms we went to my Alma mater, UK and oh my gosh campus looks so different! We took some pictures in front of the new student center and in front of my old sorority house (Pi Beta Phi). I definitely shed some tears while being back on campus because I have so many amazing memories.

Fun fact: right before my senior year I actually had to have random roommates because of some problems with my previous roommates. Thankfully I was placed with Kayla and Melissa and 6 years later we are all still friends. Isn’t that crazy? If any of you are looking for places to go to school I would strongly recommend UK! The majority of this look is once again from H&M. You guys seriously need to check out their stuff lately. I wore the same bracelet, earrings and necklace from my last look and added this super cute bucket bag. My top is not available in the exact color I wore but it does come in three other colors. I wore these high waist jeans that are so comfortable and also come in several different colors. Lastly, I wore my favorite nude heels from Nordstrom and a lipstick from Laura Mercier. Thanks for visiting!



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