The suncare you need

It is almost officially summer! As I am writing this it is currently 77 degrees out so it definitely feels like summer already-which means it is the perfect time to talk about protection from the sun. SPF is soooo important (you should even be wearing SPF in the winter) which is why I wanted to talk about a suncare brand that I am loving right now. I have not always been the best at protecting myself from the sun but since skin cancer runs in my family I have quickly become more cautious.

SPF/sunscreen is a must but lately there have been studies showing that many sunscreen brands have lots of harmful chemicals in them. I am on a quest to be healthier lately (read more about that here) which is why I am raving about the brand: Coola. I had heard a bit about it since I am a beauty junkie but it was actually my sister who really got me interested in it. The products are made with organic and natural ingredients in addition to being enriched with antioxidants. They also are a cruelty free company which is huge to me.

Since now is the prime time for sun exposure I would definitely recommend adding Coola to your suncare collection.

Here are my picks:

  1. Coola suncare sport sunscreen spray

2. Coola mineral sunscreen for face

(They even have sunless options!)

3. Coola sunless tan firming lotion

I hope you find a suncare product that is right for you!



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