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Hi everyone! Okay so I will be turning 29 in a few months and I was thinking about some things I would like to focus on/accomplish. It’s so crazy to me how fast time goes by and I really want to make sure that as I grow older I am working on bettering myself. Here is a list of the things I really want to focus on before I turn 29:

-Live in the moment-I think our generation has been so focused on technology that we often miss out on what’s going on around us. There are so many times when I should be enjoying being with friends or family and all I want to do is document it on instagram. I really want to commit to enjoying each moment as it is and not worrying so much about how my life looks on the outside.

-Become more patient-This has always been a struggle for me but I have gotten better. I am such an instant gratification person that I do everything I can to avoid waiting. However, sometimes being patient can really pay off. There is a reason they say good things come to those who wait.

-Pay off my credit cards-This one may seem a bit random on this list but I have been working VERY hard at doing this lately and I have come super close. I just want to be able to be smarter about my finances and not worry about paying interest on previous purchases. It is such a waste of money.

-Be more positive-I sometimes have a very negative outlook and it is not the best way to live. I want to encourage myself to be more positive with myself and others. I don’t always show it but I am a super insecure person and sometimes I tear myself down for no reason at all. I would really like to become a more positive person and spread that positivity to others as well!

-Stop comparing myself to others-“Comparison is the thief of joy.”-Theodore Roosevelt. I am constantly wishing I could be more like someone else and it really gets to me. I think everyone should be happy with who they are. Every single individual is unique and to want to be someone else instead of yourself isn’t healthy. Of course you can aspire to be like them in some aspects but you should always focus on being your most true self.

Lastly I just want to thank each and every one of you for reading. I have had so many people reach out to me in the last few months and the outpouring of support I have received is truly amazing. Thank you all so much from the bottom of my heart.



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