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Similar phone case

Alright guys-you asked and I answered! Today I am going to share a review with you all about some new products from the Kylie skin line. Lately I have been kind of obsessed with Kylie Jenner and when she announced a new skincare line I knew I wanted to try it right away. As you may remember from a previous post about my skincare routine, I am definitely a skincare junkie. I only purchased two products from the line so far: cleanser and toner but I am definitely planning on getting more. (The price point is so great how could you not?)

First off, the products are all cruelty free which is such a huge thing for me. I love animals and it is always a great thing when you can find a cosmetic line that chooses not to test on animals! Secondly, they do not have any parabens or sulfates in them and are mostly made out of naturally derived ingredients. On top of that they are all tested by dermatologists which means they are safe for even sensitive skin.

Foaming cleanser-So I just started using these products and skincare often doesn’t give you instantaneous results but I already love this cleanser. A little goes a long way! It is super foamy and the best part: it does not leave my skin feeling dry. It washed away all my makeup and definitely gave me a super clean feeling.

Vanilla milk toner-I am used to using a liquid based toner but this one is more of a creamy texture. It goes on very smoothly and you don’t even need a cotton ball to rub it in. I feel like it helped to moisturize my face which is not something that I have had happen with other toners.

I would honestly recommend these products and I am looking forward to seeing more results after continuous use. Unfortunately all the products are sold out right now but they are restocking June 5th and June 10th. I have my eye on the serum during the restock. Thanks for reading!



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