What success means to me

It seemed like a beautiful day during this photo shoot but about 10 minutes in it began to rain, and I felt like that was a perfect metaphor for my life lately. After leaving my last job I had a feeling of euphoria and I felt like everything was going to be great. I was sooo happy and had very few worries. I took a complete month off from working, focused on my blog and spent time with family and friends. I was even offered a job at one of the first places I applied to. Even with all of that, the feeling didn’t last but why is that?

According to dictionary.com, success is defined as “the accomplishment of one’s goals.” Nowhere in that definition do you see anything that represents a numerical value so why do we place so much emphasis on numbers? People seem to think that success is only measured by the amount of money you have or in my case (blogging) the amount of followers or likes you have. That shouldn’t be what success is about. We should be grateful for what we have and what we’ve accomplished while also wanting to better ourselves.

I made so many excuses not to start my blog and once I finally did I was so excited! However, my perception was totally skewed and that lead me to believe that I was a failure of some sorts because my blog wasn’t an overnight sensation. As I reflected on this I realized I AM successful. When I began blogging I had so many people reach out to me with such positive reactions. That helped me to realize that not everything is just about a number. I recently read a post on Instagram about how whether or not you have one follower or one million followers that you are still an influencer. That could not be more true! You may not be influencing millions but you are still influencing one person or several people.

Ask yourself: Am I happy? Do I feel like I’m making a difference? If you can answer yes to those questions then you are successful! All of this has made me realize that even though I may only have 864 followers on Instagram right now, I should be happy about all of the other things I have that have nothing to do with numbers. I have family and friends who I love, a roof over my head, food, clothing, and my health. These are the things that I believe should determine whether or not someone is successful.





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