My skincare routine

A picture from my time as a counter manager at Nordstrom Michigan Ave!

Happy Monday! Throughout my career with Nordstrom I held several different titles and through that was able to learn A LOT. One of these titles that really shed light on what I am going to be talking about in this post was my counter manager role. I have always had a love for makeup but before that role I never gave skincare much thought. All of that quickly changed! I absolutely love taking care of my skin which is why I wanted to write a bit about my skincare regimen. I used to think that you had to stick to one specific line but I have found that sometimes mixing and matching your products yields the best results. Here are the products I use and the order I use them in:

  1. Clinique liquid facial soap in mild– I have been a long time user of clinique products. I love the fact that their products are fragrance free and a bit more natural. This cleanser is great because it works for my dry skin. I recommend washing your face twice a day: AM and PM with this cleanser to make sure you wash away any makeup and impurities.
  2. Anew clean revitalizing toner-I love this toner! Some of the toners out there really irritate my skin but this one works wonders. A lot of people seem to leave toners out of their routine but they are super important. Toners help to reset your PH balance after cleansing. Often times, the water you may use to cleanse have different contaminants and minerals in them but toner helps to make sure you are getting all of that out of your pores. It is definitely a crucial step if you really want to get the most effectiveness out of your skincare routine.
  3. Anew power serum-I have already mentioned how dry my skin is which is why I love using a great serum. Serums are really helpful with making sure you get the most hydration necessary. Just using a moisturizer alone often doesn’t do the trick. Using a serum before moisturizing is similar to using a primer before putting on your makeup!
  4. Clinique moisture surge moisturizer-Hydration, hydration, hydration! I LOVE this moisturizer because not only does it keep my skin super hydrated but it gives it a gorgeous glow!
  5. Anew clinical eye lift pro– I have to admit I wasn’t always sold on eye cream until I noticed the bags and wrinkles under my eyes. The skin under around your eyes is super thin and that’s generally one of the first places people start to develop their wrinkles. Eye cream is super essential if you want to ward off signs of aging and those dark under-eye circles. This eye cream is perfect because it comes with a lightweight gel for around your brow bone and then a cream for underneath your eye.

I hope you all enjoyed reading a bit about my skin care routine and it’s helped you to put one in place or to to add on to an existing one. If you have any great skincare secrets or product recommendations feel free to let me know.



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