Gingham style

At one point, my cat joined in on the fun too lol!

Okay guys so I am a HUGE fan of body care: moisturizers, masks, etc. I was actually a counter manager for a skincare line when I worked at Nordstrom in Chicago so I am all about loving my skin. With that being said, I wanted to take the time to talk a bit about the new collection that just launched today at Bath and Body works. The collection is called Gingham and it has a floral and citrus scent.

It is AMAZING and gives you all the feels for spring! There are so many different items in the collection ranging from eau de parfum, body lotion, shower gel and many more. Today I snagged the anti-bacterial hand gel, the perfume spray and the 24 hour moisture body lotion. I am going to share some fun facts as well as my thoughts about the products I have tried so far.

-Anti-bacterial hand gel- So I literally go through hand sanitizers insanely quickly. I am so weird about germs so I have a sanitizer in my purse, at home and in my car. One of those things about sanitiziers though is that super powerful alcohol smell. With this anti-bacterial hand gel, you can still smell the alcohol but it lasts for only a second before transforming into that amazing gingham scent. Plus it kills germs so win-win! (This particular scent isn’t online yet but you can find another great option here.)

Perfume spray-The scent is literally to die for and I love that it comes in a mini option that I can just take on the go with me. It lasts for quite a while and the blend of flowers and citrus just puts you in a better mood. (Tip: Spray the perfume on your neck since that area has a pulse point that emits heat and helps your fragrance to develop faster.)

24 hour moisture body lotion-Any lotion that will keep me moisturized for 24 hours is a must on my list. I have super dry skin so I am constantly reapplying moisturizer and sometimes it just gets annoying. This contains shea butter, coconut oil and vitamin E, which are key components in moisturizing products. I actually wore this all day and only needed to reapply once, which is pretty good for me considering how dry my skin is!

If you are a fan of floral/citrus scents I strongly recommend checking this new collection out. You won’t regret it! On a completely separate note: the new season of Game of Thrones premiered last night. Did anyone see it? I must admit I just started the series a few days ago but I am definitely understanding what all the hype is about! Thanks for visiting!



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