Twinkle Twinkle 🌟

This was probably one of my favorite shoots so far! I brought along my family dog, Lily, and we discovered she is not yet ready to be an Instagram star. But like that old saying goes, “Every dog has its day.” Social media can be kind of a hard medium to crack. I’ve only been at this for over a week now and I already find myself checking my phone at least 10 times as much as I did before launching my blog. Not only is social media (Instagram, Facebook, etc.) time-consuming but it can also be extremely draining and sometimes even a bit upsetting.

I absolutely love blogging but sometimes I find myself getting caught up comparing myself to others and that can be disheartening. Just like any other industry, there are millions of others out there doing what you do and it can make you wonder about yourself. Am I good enough? Will people like me? It’s important to remember to take a step back and realize that you are UNIQUE. Sometimes the best course of action is to put your phone down or step away from your laptop and enjoy what’s happening around you. It’s totally normal to be inspired and influenced by others but never forget that there is only one you. Thanks so much for reading!



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